Episode 51 – Halloween 2016

Kyle & Kathleen return to The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast to talk Scary Movies.

Films discussed include:
-Salem’s Lot
-Fright Night
-The Uninvited
-WNUF Halloween Special
-Tucker & Dale Vs Evil
-Cabin in the Woods

So Many Digressions:
-Whatever happened to Baby Jane
-Kathleen has given up on The Walking Dead.
-William Ragsdale was Herman in Herman’s Head.
-Jessica Jones
-Elvira still looks great and was in a recent video with Ryan Adams.
-Saturday Night Dead with Stella, The Man-Eater from Manayunk.
-Roller Derby Zombies
-How cool is Tim Curry?

Kyle is part of Two Great Podcasts with his brother Brady.  They are Ghostbusters Minute and Jurassic Park Minute.

Kathleen is still working hard for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

To tie it together, The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is donating $1 to CFF for every review received by JP Minute between now and Nov 15.

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