Meet The Panel: Leah


Name: Leah

Base of Operations: Austin, Texas

What I do when not Podcasting: Spend quality time (lovingly) annoying my husband and our two dogs, Tagg and Riff.

Favorite Super Hero: Spider-Man

Favorite Super Hero Movie: Mystery Men

My Desert Island:
   a) Book: The Stand
   b) Movie: Just one? I have a few comfort food movies that I would require on said desert island…Better Off Dead, Pretty in Pink, and Monster Squad.
   c) Album: Lou Reed – Different Times

Last TV Show I binge watched: Fuller House (don’t judge)

Favorite Quote: I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.

Go-To Karaoke song: Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar



New Stuff Coming…

Hey Everybody!

It’s been a little while.  Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you.

Cool stuff is Coming Soon.  We’ve recorded episodes with Jared (Watchmen), Tim (Punisher), Leah (Spider-Man) and special guest Amy (She was on the set of Captain America: Winter Soldier!).

I am working hard to get the episodes edited and to you.  I promise to have one out by the 15th.

I will soon be recording a very, very special episode with a guest so cool I can’t believe we got her.  Seriously, it’s amazing.  Can’t wait to tell you more.

Anyhoo, please take a sec to take our Poll on the what film franchise should be fixed next.

Take Care

Meet The Panel: Brad


Name: Brad
Base of Operations: Shrewsbury, PA (about an hour north of Baltimore)
What I do when not podcasting: Software Tester by Day. Husband and Father by Night
Favorite Super Hero: Spider-Man
Favorite Super Hero Movie: Captain America – Winter Soldier
My Desert Island:
a) Book: Straight Guy by Richard Russo
b) Movie: Last of the Mohicans
c) Album: Whatever And Ever, Amen by the Ben Folds Five. Or Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet. Or Living with the Law by Chris Whitley.
Last TV Show I binge watched: Season 4 of House of Cards. I am mid-binge on the new season of Daredevil.
Favorite Quote: Life is What Happens To You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans.
Go-To Karaoke song: Someday, Someway by Marshall Crenshaw

Meet The Panel: Jarf!

Hey! It's Jarf!
Hey! It’s Jarf!

Name: Jarf
Base of Operations: Flourtown (on the  outskirts of Philly)
What I do When Not Podcasting: Hang out with my wife and our pitbull Jack Bow-Wow, run the Wissahickon trails & raise money to cure cystic fibrosis
Favorite Super Hero: Spider-man
Favorite Super Hero Movie: Superman II
My Desert Island:
a) Book: The Natural
b) Movie: What About Bob?
c) Album: Bruce Springsteen, The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
Last TV Show I Binge Watched: Jessica Jones
Favorite Quote: No power in the ‘verse can stop me.
Go-To Karaoke Song: B-52s, Love Shack
Episodes With Jarf:

Episode 8 – The New Captain America Preview

Tossed this one together pretty quick with the help of Two New Panelists.

Carlos and Jared join us to discuss the new Captain America: Civil War Preview, which you can view Here.

Check out Carlos’ artwork Here and Here.

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