Episode 104 – Thor Talk w/ Walt Simonson

So much Awesome Thor Talk!

Jarf, Katie & Mike Watson join Brad to talk about Thor: Ragnarok.

Extra Special Guest Walt Simonson discusses his Legendary Career working on such titles as X-Factor, Manhunter and, of course, The Mighty Thor.

The Digressions:
-Marvel Battle Royale
-Katie feels Chris Hemsworth is ‘not bad to look at.’
-Frog Thor
-Michael & Katie are both huge Harry Potter fans. A friendship is born.
-Chris Hemsworth might be a breakout star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
-Brad again talks about how much his mom likes Thor
-Who wants to see a Ironheart Movie?
-Pop Culture Speed Round
*Harvey Weinstein
*Is anyone watching Inhumans?
*Black Panther’s 2nd trailer
*Harry Potter And the Cursed Child is coming to Broadway
Short Fuse Media
Freestyle Komics
-The Minute of Darkness Podcast (Brad really misses Ryan)
-The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast: Where Relationships are Found and Broken
-Walt Simonson was had a cameo in the first Thor film
-Asgardians don’t need glasses
-You shouldn’t eat while filming a banquet scene
-Brad loves Beta Ray Bill
-Walt is back writing/drawing Thor with IDW’s Ragnarok
-Muhammad Ali needed Joe Frazier and George Foreman
-Walt’s work on Manhunter w/ Archie Goodwin
-Very cool music from 8 Bit Universe
-There are two great Facebook Pages for Walt Simonson fans.  Check them out Here & Here.

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