Episode 24 – The Extraordinary Panel

For the first time, Brad has more than one guest on at once.  And it sounds pretty darn good.

In anticipation of X-Men: Apocalypse; Jarf, Jason and Brian join Brad to discuss their favorite Mutant Moments.  

The Digressions:
-Brad thinks Ryan Reynolds should feel obligated to come on the podcast because of all the business he sent Deadpool
-Wolverine finding religion in a 90’s Saturday Morning Cartoon.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhS7cS8kptI
-Brian is teaching the next generation of geeks.
-The best and worst line in the first X-Men movie were written by the same guy.  

Actually, those weren’t Digression.  Damn, the guys stayed on point.  Good for Them!

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Episode 5 – Fixing The Fantastic Four Film Franchise – Part 1

Jarf returns to Movies That Marvel and helps Brad Fix The Fantastic Four Film Franchise.

We discuss:

  1. The unreleased Roger Corman Film.
  2. The lousy straight-to-video Captain America film starring Matt, son of JD, Salinger.
  3. The Star War Christmas Special.
  4. What went wrong with the previous FF movies.
  5. Our favorite FF stories.
  6. X-Men
  7. Wolverine
  8. Longshot
  9. Art Adams
  10. Jarf scoring 1500 True Believer Points
  11. The excellent Big Red Podcast.
  12. Anything else we can think of to distract us from the Fantastic Four movies.

The conversation went so long, it was decided to break it into two episodes.  Part 2 will be available next week.

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