Episode 111 – Talking ‘Bout Star Wars

With an event as big as the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we went big with Two (TWO!) panels.

Kathleen welcomes the Sensational Crystal Beth, Tierney (who is One Steele Sister) and Dave Pallas from Five Minutes of Mystery to talk about their hopes and fears for the new film.  They also share their favorite Star Wars characters.

Emily K from Feathered Hat Studios, Charlotte from Skytalkers & Jarf join Brad to discuss the importance of Rey to the Star Wars Universe.

The Digressions:
-Brady Crane went to Crystal Beth’s wedding
-The Writer rooms of Family Guy and Rick & Morty
-Thomas Howeth dressing his daughter as Rey
-The value of fan fiction
-50 Shades = Twilight + spanking
-Star Wars’ Bloodline
-Kathleen’s dad has some crazy Star Wars theories
-Dave Pallas has a 12 step plan
-A lot of panelists are whispering (‘whisper!’)
-Star Wars Christmas Special

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