Episode 43 – Best of the 90’s: Slater V Slater

Leah & Shawn are here to figure out which is the best Christian Slater Movie: Heathers or Pump Up The Volume.

Brian from Comic Store West is on hand to declare a winner.

The Digressions-
* Brad still believes Kuffs is Christian Slater’s best movie.
* Brian is partial to Slater’s cameo in Star Trek: Undiscovered Country.
* DC Rebirth is awesome.
* Alan Moore has retired from writing comics (kinda).
* There are a lot of new versions of established comic book heroes.

There is a bunch of cool stuff coming to Comic Store West, including:
-Batman Day Saturday, September 17.
-Halloween Comic Fest on Saturday, October 29.
-The Extra Life event on Saturday, November 5, which will benefit The Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital.
-Local Comic Shop Day on Saturday, November 19.

To find out more, check out ComicStoreWest.com or go to their Facebook Page.

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