Episode 13 – Talking Cool Stuff at Comic Store West

We’re back already.  Can you handle this much Movies That Marvel.

Exciting episode as this is our First:
-On Location Podcast.  We go to Comic Store West in York, PA.
-In-Person Talk.  Brad sits face to face with Brian Waltersdorff, the owner of said Comic Store West.

Boy, Brian is a nice guy for letting us into his store and sitting down to talk about Batman V Superman, Upcoming Comic Book Movies and Big Comic Book Events.

He also drops a big announcement about Free Comic Book Day on May 7.  Hint: Movies That Marvel will be doing something special at his store.

True Story: Brad showed up for the interview wearing a Superman Shirt.  Brian was there wearing a Batman Shirt.  They still were able to get along.

Visit Comic Store West Here.

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