Episode 30 – Bad Covers and Ben Folds

A Cover Conversation Episode of the Cosmic Geppetto Podcast.  What more can you ask for?

Shawn joins Brad to talk about bad versions of good songs.  Then they talk about Ben Folds and some of the covers he’s done.

We have a new theme-song.  Don’t worry, Brad didn’t write it.  It’s called ‘See See Are’ and it is written, performed and produced by Shawn Reynolds.

We are doing another Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Fundraiser.  We are donating $1 to CFF.org for every Rating and Review received on iTunes.

The Digressions:

  • It’s Shawn birthday.  He and Brad discuss birthday jokes that aren’t funny any more.
  • The video for Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark made Courtney Cox famous
  • Brad cannot pronounce Portastatic 
  • Seriously, Brad likes SuperChunk
  • It’s hard to cover the stones or Beatles
  • Norah Jones was freaking huge in the 2000’s
  • Covering the Stones broke up Guns N Roses
  • The Sons of Anarchy soundtracks are phenomenal
  • Noah Gunderson does a great song called Days Gone By
  • Prince did a terrible cover of Joni Mitchell’s Case of You
  • MTV is why you don’t know who Christopher Cross is
  • Ben Folds is cheeky
  • Brad read Devil’s Candy.  His description of the book doesn’t make Shawn want to read it.
  • Bruce Willis and Kevin Smith don’t get along.
  • Shawn and his wife are Star Trek fans

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Meet The Panel: Jarf!

Hey! It's Jarf!
Hey! It’s Jarf!

Name: Jarf
Base of Operations: Flourtown (on the  outskirts of Philly)
What I do When Not Podcasting: Hang out with my wife and our pitbull Jack Bow-Wow, run the Wissahickon trails & raise money to cure cystic fibrosis
Favorite Super Hero: Spider-man
Favorite Super Hero Movie: Superman II
My Desert Island:
a) Book: The Natural
b) Movie: What About Bob?
c) Album: Bruce Springsteen, The Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
Last TV Show I Binge Watched: Jessica Jones
Favorite Quote: No power in the ‘verse can stop me.
Go-To Karaoke Song: B-52s, Love Shack
Episodes With Jarf: