Episode 72 – Awesome Panel w/ Ariell R. Johnson, Claire Folkman, Kelly Phillips & Emily K

Brad & Jarf are joined by:
Ariell R. Johnson – Founder & President, Head Nerd In Charge of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

Claire Folkman & Kelly Phillips – Editors of Dirty Diamonds Comics

Emily K – Cartoonist, Illustrator & Designer at Feathered Hat Studios

We’ve been asked by some of these remarkable women to share the Link for the fundraising site to help bring 27 creators to the Queers & Comics Conference being held in San Francisco at the California College of the Arts on April 14-15, 2017. Please check it out and help if you can.

The Digressions:
-Brad thinks an actor from Logan will get nominated for an Oscar
-Lesbian death syndrome in entertainment
-Wow, these guests love cats
-Winnie the Pooh is awesome
-The Micheaux Mission Podcast
-Why wasn’t Leslie Jones a scientist in Ghostbusters?

The fundraising single produced by Cosmic Geppetto is out on CD Baby and iTunes.

Remember that all proceeds go to:
The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

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