Episode 94 – More Than Mean & Lone Rucksack

It is a Super-Sized episode with:

  • Jarf & Kyle joining Brad to talk about the More Than Mean Project.
  • Heather & Brad talk about seeing Scott Patterson from Gilmore Girls in concert.
  • Dani Bradford, who might be the coolest person on the planet, talks about taking a solo motorcycle trip through 18 countries over five months and 18,000 miles.  See?!  How cool is that?

The Digressions:

  • Jarf listens to the 1A Podcast
  • Kyle listens to the 538 Podcast, To the Point & Left, Right And Center
  • Brad listens to Trumpcast
  • The Just Not Sports blog
  • Chelsea Cain’s Mockingbird comic
  • Kathleen is a lioness.
  • The Rihanna/Lupita heist movie
  • Emma Watson doesn’t let fans take selfies with her
  • Undrafted
  • The Glow Netflix show
  • Brad’s a Dan Savage fan.
  • The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific by J. Maarten Troost

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Follow Dani’s adventures on LoneRucksack.com.

Fine out more about the More Than Mean Project Here.

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