Episode 54 – Pouring Some Sugar

From Gilmore Girls & Survivor, Jessica Sugar Kiper (and her adorable daughter Punky Jean) join Brad to talk about her career and becoming a mom.

Seriously, how does he get such cool guests?

Sugar talks about her favorite gigs, whether she’d return to Survivor, and confirms Amy Kenerup’s appraisal of Milo Ventimiglia’s handsomeness.

The Digressions:
-Last Man on Earth is a good show, but is too short.
-Brad’s friends Kyle & Brady finished Ghostbusters Minute, but are knee-deep into their new podcast Jurassic Park Minute. Brady just announced he will be starting Goonies Minute. Where do they find the time?
-Sugar’s favorite gig was the sitcom For Your Love. Brad found a clip!

You can find out more info on Sugar on IMDB, Instagram and Twitter. She was in a band called Sugar Spit. You can hear their music on MySpace.

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The Beginning

Hello Internet!  It has been a while.  

Years ago, I had a website called CosmicGeppetto.com.  It was mostly there to talk about my book Sex, Money, Good Grades, And Other Things You Won’t Get In College.  I would also yap about whatever came to mind.

I decided to start up again because…why not?

What will this blog be about?

Movies!  Love movies.  Good Movies, Bad Movies, Sad Movies, Happy Movies, New Movies, Old Movies.  But especially…

Comic Book Movies!  I’ve seen most of them and loved a lot of them (even the stinkers).  I’m going to talk about them hopefully in ways you usually don’t hear about.

Parenthood!  I have kids.  So. Many. Kids.  They are fun.

Books!  I love to read, although I don’t get to as much as I’d like (So. Many. Kids.).  When something really good crosses my Kindle, I’ll write about it.

Music!  I am a know-it-all smug jerk when it comes to music.  You’re going to hear about it.

Podcasts!  Do you like Serial?  Of course you do, everyone likes Serial.  I subscribe to many podcasts and will yell out when I find a good one.

Speaking of podcasts, I used to host one. It was called the Southern York County Podcast.  I’m thinking of maybe (maybe!) getting back into the game.

Whatever else comes to mind!  We’ll work it out.

Take Care!