Episode 47 – Hanging With The Central PA Ghostbusters

Brad is joined by Dave & Cat Shiffler from The Central PA Ghostbusters to talk about the Past, Present & Future of the Film Franchise at their favorite shop Comic Store West.

To keep the episode packed with excitement, Brad does a To & From Review of Jason Bourne, because better late than never.

The Digressions:
-Brad’s favorite Second Run Movie Theater is Funtime Cinemas in York, PA.
-Are DC movies broken?
-Who likes Civil War more than Winter Soldier?
-You can see Dave’s arm in the documentary Ghostheads on Netflix
-Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham is a real thing
-Julies Stiles was almost a big deal.

Wanna meet the Central PA Ghostbusters?  Go Here to find out about upcoming events.

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