Episode 37 – Best of the 90’s: Pinky & The Brain V Ren & Stimpy

Ridiculously Special Episode of The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast.

Kyle & Brady from The Ghostbusters Minute Podcast (a favorite around here) argue which is better: Pinky & The Brain or Ren & Stimpy.  Mark Landry, creator/writer of the excellent comic Bloodthirsty: One Nation Under Water, is here to judge the proceedings.

Jarf returns for the inaugural edition of Crossing The Streams, where we talk about hidden gems found on Netflix, Amazon or other streaming services.  He and Brad talk about the  new Tick pilot.

There’s a new Theme Song!  Sung by Amy Kenerup!

The Digressions:
* Not too bad this time, aside from Jarf & Brad talking a lot about how awesome Patrick Warburton is.

Find out more about Mark Landry’s Bloodthirsty: One Nation Under Water Here.

Find out more about Kyle & Brady’s Ghostbusters Minute Here.  Remember: We are donating $1 for every iTunes review for their show.

Amy is the lead singer for Midnight Drive.  Their website is Here.

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