Episode 31 – Who Will Be Bond?

The new episode of the Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is shaken, not stirred.  God, that is a hack joke.

Brian returns to talk about who could be the Next James Bond, who could have been Bond before and should never be Bond (We love you, Clint, but it just isn’t right).

Actors discussed include:
-Clive Owen
-Adrian Paul
-John Wayne
-Gillian Anderson
-Hayley Atwell
-Idris Elba
-Tom Hiddleston

Heather joins the show for a To & From review of The Secret Life of Pets.

The Digressions:
-No one remembers Tonya Roberts
-Roger Moore was very old for View to a Kill.
-Tom Hiddleston auditioned for Thor.
-Brad’s Mom/Brian’s Aunt loves Richard Gere. And she’s still mad at Julia Roberts.
-She also hates Hugh Grant.
-David Hasselhoff was Nick Fury (yeah, it happened).
-Fast & Furious movies are Fun, But Terrible.
-Brad explains Zardoz.
-Brad says he’ll cut audio of Brian saying cute…but doesn’t.

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