Episode 28 – Fixing Ghost Rider & Finding a Fish

This one was tough.  Our listeners asked (ordered?) Brad & Jarf to Fix Ghost Rider, and that’s what they did.

Also in this episode, the First and Last voice you hear every episode, Heather Mendenhall does a To & From Review of Finding Dory with Brad and Special Guest Chase Mendenhall.

The Digressions:
-Howard Mackie is Good Starter, but can’t keep a comic series going.
-The Wachowski’s have a lot to answer for
-Nicolas Cage’s FX Abs
-Comic Characters who work better outside of comics, like Blade
-The guys believe they were forced to talk about Ghost Rider by angry ex-girlfriends
-Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Coppola
-Sam Elliot is very cool and he has been an old man for thirty years
-Some movies shouldn’t have love interests (We’re looking at you, Agent 13 in Caps 2 and 3)
-Can romance work for Cap in movies or comics?
-Brad loves the Netflix Marvel shows, but needs more lawyer stuff
-Who would be a good Ghost Rider? Walter Goggins? Jake Gyllenhaal?
-Brad says Justified is the best show from the last 15 years
-Someone needs to cast Katee Sackhoff in something comic related immediately.
-Wynonna Earp is surprisingly good.
-Brad’s son won’t say, “I love you.”

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