Episode 26 – Cover Conversations 2 (and the news with Brian from Comic Store West)

Whew!  A packed Episode of the Cosmic Geppetto Podcast.

Brian from Comic Store West returns to talk about:
-Captain America has Hailed Hydra!
-There is a new Han Solo.
-The Harrisburg Comic Con is June 11 & 12. Brian will be there. You should be there, too.

Shawn is back for the Second Covers Conversation.  He talks about the Big Star song ‘Thirteen’ and Brad brings Chris Whitley’s ‘Big Sky Country.’

So. Many. Digressions.  Including:
-Those Pretty Wrongs and their song ‘Lucky Guy.’
-Shawn should watch Gilmore Girls for the music.
-Wow! Brad really hates Justin Timberlake.
-Dave Matthews’ label Work.
-Brad recommends the book ‘Sound And Fury’ by Dave Kindred.
-David Gray’s ‘Babylon.’
-The John Mayer album ‘Battle Studies.’
-Brad wants John Mayer to record an album of Chris Whitley songs.
-Tom Waits and his pile of bones.
-Shawn Colvin’s cover of ‘Wild Country.’
-Chris Whitley’s daughter Trixie is a great performer.
-Brad wrote a play inspired by an Elliot Smith song.
-Brad’s son Logan sat on his lap during his interview with Brian (because we’re very professional). He whined a lot because he was promised french fries.

With the passing of Muhammad Ali, music and clips inspired by The Greatest are featured throughout the episode.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Cover Conversations 2 (and the news with Brian from Comic Store West)

  1. Hi, My name is Ozu and I’m here by way of All Things Chris Whitley. I really enjoyed this show and hearing you speak on Chris Whitley. I’ve been a fan of Chris from the moment I saw the Big Sky Country video on TV 25+ years ago. And I have collected most of his albums. I never did get see Chris live but I have seen his daughter Trixie Whitley live twice and she has a very strong stage presence and like her father’s music hard to pin down which I love . You can definitely see and hear Chris’s DNA running through Trixie, plus she seems much more comfortable in-front of an audience.
    I understand where your coming from concerning John Mayer and got turned off from paying attention to his work. Recently I saw a video on YouTube by Dave Simpson doing a guitar cover of John’s music which reminded me of how good his music is. I’ve since returned to listening to his music and ignoring the rest. Again good episode and will check out your archive section.
    Much love and respect to Muhammed Ali. A great inspiration for many around the world in many different ways.


    1. Thanks for listening, Ozu. I’m hoping t see Trixie in concert at some point. I’ve seen video of her performances and have been very impressed. I was lucky enough to see Chris in concert 7-8 times. I was able to meet him twice before shows. He was reserved but very nice. I think I caught his interest once when I mentioned I had purchased a resonator guitar because of how much I loved the way he made the instrument sound.


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