Episode 21 – Free Comic Day Interviews

During Free Comics Day at Comic Store West in York, PA, Brad was lucky enough to talk to:

-Brian Waltersdorff, owner of Comic Store West.  Brad and Brian talked about Captain America: Civil War, the free comics everyone is excited for and what is next for Comic Store West.

-Patrick Brown, founder of the Harrisburg Comic Com.  Patrick is a heck of a nice guy and the Comic Con looks to be a great event.  And Patrick was dressed like The Flash!

-Dave from The Central PA Ghostbusters.  They are raising money to fight Autism, which is awesome and important.  Also, what does Dave think about the upcoming all-female Ghostbusters film?  Note: The Ghostbuster posing in the pic with me isn’t Dave.

Go to the Central Pa Ghostbusters’ site Here.

Find out more about the Harrisburg Comic Con Here.

The website for Comic Store West can be found Here.

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IMG_2415 IMG_2403 BradAndBrian

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