Episode 18 – Cap, The Suicide Squad and Other Stuff with Our Friend Amy

Another Lock Haven Grad joins the Podcast.

She’s been in movies! She’s acted on stage! She’s the lead singer for Midnight Drive!  Welcome Dear Friend Amy Kenerup to the Podcast.

This is pretty much an Episode of Digressions, including:
-Being a Movie Extra (sometimes you get paid, sometimes you don’t)
-College kids playing parents in theater productions.
-Milo Ventimiglia.  Amy says he’s great looking, but can’t pronounce his last name.
-Is Amy going to Be Captain Marvel?
-Brad’s Parents meeting Gene Hackman.
-The Play ‘Murder at Howard Johnsons.’
-The band Midnight Drive, which features Amy on lead vocals.
-Brad’s last big acting role in Blue Room.
-The film Madtown.
-Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad.
-The Wonder Woman film having a female director.
-Black Cat (the comic book character) and Ron Frenz (the comic book artist).
-Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.
-Annette Bening almost being Catwoman.
-Michael Sheen dating all the beautiful women in Hollywood.

Check out Midnightdrive-ohio.com to find out where Amy will be performing next.

Watch Jenny’s Wedding on Netflix and see if you can pick Amy out.

Go Here for info on Madtown, another movie where you can see Amy.

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