Episode 9 – Talking Soundtracks: Guardians of the Galaxy

Part 2 of Talking Soundtracks.  This time, Shawn joins Brad to talk about the music of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Digressions:

1) Shawn read a book about the Replacements.  Turns out everything he said previously about the band and lead singer Paul Westerberg was wrong.

2) Shawn then gets the name of the book’s author wrong.  Several times.  Because of irony.

3) Kenny Loggins used to be ON EVERY SOUNDTRACK.

4) Phil Collins made $80 Million as a singer.  How did that happen?

5) Will Michael Penn ever put out a new album?  What about Trent Reznor?

Actually, that’s not too many digressions for an episode of Movies That Marvel.  There’ll be more next time.

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Tune in Next Time as Tim and I discuss Kick-Ass.

Take Care!

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