Episode 7 – Talking Soundtracks: The Crow

Episode 7 of Movie That Marvel is available now.

Join us for Part 1 (of 3?  Of 4?  Don’t know yet) of our Comic Book Movie Soundtrack Series.

New Panelist Leah joins the show to talk about the Crow.  And Brad talks about Prince’s Batman Soundtrack.

Remember when this was a podcast about Marvel movies?  Neither do we!

It wouldn’t be Movies That Marvel if there weren’t regressions.  This time, we go off path talking about:

  • The value of girls to the podcast. Specifically, they talk about who looks good wearing leather.
  • Christian Slater.
  • His movie Kuffs, which Brad feels is overlooked.
  • Matthew Sweet. And how cool it was Leah got to meet him.
  • The fact Brad once bought a Richard Marx album.
  • Concerts in Philadelphia.
  • Nick Cage occasionally coming out of his haze and putting together a decent performance.

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Take Care

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