Episode 2 – Iron Man

On the new episode of Movies That Marvel, Brad reunites with his college radio partner Jarf to talk about:
1) Iron Man and how they loved it.
2) Robert Downey Jr and how awesome his is.
3) Jeff Bridges, who is also awesome.
4) Batman V. Superman. They’re not sure if that will be awesome.
5) How Wonder Woman deserves better.
6) Back to awesome things, Stephen Malkmus’ song The Hook.
7) The good old days at Lock Haven.
8) How JK Simmons can and will do anything, including Major Lazer

The episode runs a little long (just under an hour), but that means there is more for you to love.

Check out a fantastic story about RDJ at http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/robert-downey-jr-boy-with-cystic-fibrosis_us_562f8847e4b00aa54a4b2338.

Learn more about cystic fibrosis at http://www.cff.org and the Great Strides Walk Campaign at greatstrides.cff.org.


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