Episode 108 – Going Against The Crowd w/ Zach Luna

Zach Luna from Dueling Genre’s Spider-Man Minute and Brad disagreed on Facebook.  It turned into an intelligent discussion that then turned into an episode of this podcast.

Because they are adults.

The Digressions:
-Brad & Zach have different thoughts on Hocus Pocus
-Sarah Jessica Parker on the show Equal Justice
-Being misled by Talented Mr. Ripley
-Robert Egger’s The Witch
-Robert Downey Jr. and other actors who like to ad lib
-Zach’s car was in Justified.
-Brad met someone famous, but doesn’t want to share her name
-The guys say  Walter Goggins instead of Walton Goggins. Oops.
-Josie and the Pussycats was a better movie than you remember
-So was Nancy Drew
-Jennifer’s Body
-Megan Fox was once the hottest actress on the planet
-Joffrey from Game of Thrones
-Brad has hard feelings toward Nurse Betty
-Connor from Angel was bad
-The Ballet episode of Angel was good
-Watch Episode 8 of this season’s Scorpion
-Zach worked on costumes for Black Panther (!)
-Brad & his sister watched Grease 2 a thousand times growing up.
-Brad had a girlfriend who thought he looked like Val Kilmer. Back when that was something to be proud of and not a reason to break up.

Zach’s Twitter is Twitter.com/ZacharyJLuna.

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